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Top 6 Mistakes Virtual Speakers Make

Sometimes unexpected things can happen during virtual presentations. Chances are, you’ve either watched speakers make mistakes or you yourself have made mistakes when speaking. As a speaker, it is your job to make sure that your audience will understand your message. Unfortunately, sometimes speakers can’t avoid making mistakes when doing virtual presentations. These mistakes can […]

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7 Ways You Can Drive Greater Value for Virtual Event Sponsors

Brands sponsor face-to-face events because they have a desire to connect with their target market. They aim to increase brand awareness, generate leads, increase conversions, and improve sales. Even if events are now shifting from in-person to virtual, these goals can still be achieved. What Is Event Sponsorship? An event sponsorship is when a company […]

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6 Tips on How to Create a Great Virtual Summit Website

Having a website for your event or summit shows people that you are serious about your business and reaching out to your target audience. It makes you and your event more trustworthy. It takes people only 1-2 seconds to decide whether or not they’ll stay on your website or not. Your event website must show […]

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What to Consider When Choosing a Virtual Platform for Your Event

With the development of technology and the changing of situations, many event organisers and companies have been challenged to convert their in-person events to online events. When it comes to deciding on a virtual event platform to use for your event, there are several things you have to consider. In this article, we give you […]

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Top 6 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Virtual Event

One of the most important things you should remember when preparing for a virtual event or a webinar is to promote it as much as possible whether online or offline. A way to promote your event online is to use social media and professional network platforms such as LinkedIn. What Is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the […]

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Top 9 TEDx Talks Every Virtual Speaker Should Watch

Public speaking whether in-person or online is an art. Many people can do it, but there are only some who can do it really well. There are several principles about public speaking that can be learned from books, mentors, and teachers as well as various speakers from TEDx Talks. What Is a TEDx Talk? A […]

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Top 10 Tips on How to Be a Great Virtual Public Speaker

Anyone can be a virtual speaker, but not every person can be a great virtual public speaker. Since the pandemic has prevented us from having in-person events, event planners have shifted to hosting their events and conferences on an online platform. Now, speakers and audiences have to communicate through the screen. It is important for […]

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Why Virtual Events Are the Future for Speakers

Conferences and conventions are all big parts of every business’ sales and marketing strategies. These events are where people meet, make new connections, showcase products, services, and knowledge. Unfortunately, these events whether major or minor, have all been cancelled and postponed due to the pandemic. The New Normal of Events Some offices, stores, hotels, malls […]

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The Ultimate Virtual Event Planning Checklist

Virtual event planning is now one of the next big things in every industry. Technology has improved at a great speed which means that virtual event planners should do their best to keep up. Whether you’re new or very familiar with virtual event planning, this blog post will cover several items to help you make […]

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Industry Terms Every Virtual Event Planner Should Know

Have you ever attended a meeting and encountered some terms you’ve never heard about before? Whether or not you’re new to the virtual event planning industry, it’s not too late to update yourself or learn about the terms used in events. Once you learn about the event industry lingo, you will be more confident in […]

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