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Top 7 Factors for Hosting a Successful Virtual Event

More and more businesses are now shifting from hosting in-person events to virtual events. In order to create a fun and memorable virtual event experience for you and your attendees, you should make it a point to make the right preparations, be aware of the possible outcomes, and prevent any problems as soon as possible. […]

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What to Charge for Virtual Speaking Events: The Ultimate Guide

“We’d love to have you as a virtual speaker at our event! How much do you charge?” Even if you are an experienced speaker and know exactly what to charge for an in-person event, that question can send you into a cold sweat. Knowing what to charge in the virtual world can be tricky, regardless […]

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8 Physical Tools Every Virtual Speaker Must Have

From microphones to monitors to webcams, here are the tools you need to make your online presentation a success. Virtual meetings are rising in popularity. That means there’s an opening for online speakers skilled in relating to an audience using a virtual event platform. But you need more than good speaking skills. You need the […]

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15 Reasons Why Speakers Should Focus on Virtual Events

“The common trait of any event--real or virtual--is good content.” This idea, delivered by Heather Clancy in a New York Times article from a conversation with the CEO of the virtual event production company, PlatformQ, affirms that an event is not defined by its size or frill, but by the quality of its offering.  Since […]

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16 Ways to Rock Your Virtual Events with the Top Virtual Speakers

You have decided to save on the expenses of a physical venue and have decided on a virtual event.  Even if you no longer need to worry about which venue to book or which type of finger food to serve for lunch after those popular breakout sessions, you still have decisions to make such as […]

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