7 Ways You Can Drive Greater Value for Virtual Event Sponsors

Brands sponsor face-to-face events because they have a desire to connect with their target market. They aim to increase brand awareness, generate leads, increase conversions, and improve sales. Even if events are now shifting from in-person to virtual, these goals can still be achieved.

What Is Event Sponsorship?

An event sponsorship is when a company provides financial support for an event to be able to achieve their marketing objectives and other business goals. Sponsorships can also come in the form of products and services in exchange of financial assistance.

In this article, we will give you a list of the ways that you can give greater value for the sponsors of your virtual event and maximise the experience of your audience.

1. Promote Your Sponsors on Social Media

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When promoting your event on social media platforms, include your sponsors in your promotion.

As you promote your sponsors, they too will promote your event in their social media channels, websites, and emails. This is a great way to get the word out.

You can also give them a chance to start building connections with your audience by co-hosting an online game or having a contest prior to your event. This will help increase brand awareness of both your business, your event, and your sponsor.

2. Promote Your Sponsors via Email

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When you send emails to the people on your email list about your event, include some information and visuals about your event sponsor.

Add photos of the list of your sponsor’s product/services or latest products/services that your event audience might be interested in buying.

Also include a list of photos and details of what your attendees can look forward to regarding your sponsor’s activities in your virtual event. You can show a list or gallery of co-branded giveaways, engaging photos, and gift cards for the brand’s products or services.

Another way to promote your sponsors via email is to send the registration confirmation email with the sponsor’s logos and website. These things will give your potential event attendees a stronger reason to join your event.

3. Include Your Sponsor on Your Event’s Registration Pages

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Add your sponsor’s logos in parts of your event’s registration pages. Make it clear to your audience who the organizers and the sponsors are. Also make it easy for your event participants to register. Don’t give them pop-up ads, distracting offers, or anything that will delay or make your event registration process difficult.

4. Research on Who Your Audience Is

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Who are your primary and secondary target markets for your event? What is their demographic? What are their interests and needs? Is there a tool or resource you can give them to give them a good experience in your event? Consider if your audience will be interested in making a positive impact in the world.

Don’t get a sponsor just because they’re famous or they’re in the same industry as you are. Check if both of you have the same or about the same target audience. 

This will help both you and your sponsors understand your audience and how you can give them a meaningful virtual event experience.

5. Make the Sponsor’s Brand Logo and Brand Name Seen and Heard by Your Audience

Be creative in how you will promote your sponsor’s in your event. Don’t just put a logo on a wall or on the screen. Include branding elements in your physical set from where the virtual event is being broadcasted. 

One thing you could do to promote your sponsor is to make your sponsor’s logo part of your virtual background for the event. You can also put a picture of your sponsor’s logo on your microphone, laptop, coffee, cup, etc.

Another thing you could do is to play a commercial of your sponsor during the transition period while attendees wait for a session to begin or during breaks. 

Not only can you display the logo and ads of your sponsor, but you can also have sponsored sessions. You can have your speaker announce the name of your sponsor at the beginning and the end of each session.

6. Allow Your Sponsors to Engage With the Audience

To maximise results for your sponsors, don’t just show your sponsor’s logo or products. Give them opportunities to engage with the audience during the event.

You can have your sponsors do the following:

  • Let them have pre and post-event contests.
  • Give them time to do product demos and provide quality knowledge about their products and services.
  • Have chat rooms where sponsors can offer free, one-on-one mini consultations about their product.
  • Have Q&A segments.
  • Surprise all or pick several attendees who will receive a branded giveaway from your sponsor.

You may not be able to give the participants giveaways during the actual event, but that shouldn’t hinder you from giving your audience and your sponsors a good experience in your event.

Be careful of what kind of items are worth sending. Some may be too big, too fragile, or something not useful. Send something memorable and practical.

7. Provide Your Sponsors Data Gathered From the Event Attendees

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After the event, you can collect and summarise your data from your online activities. Then, share them with your sponsors to show how your efforts and partnership made an impact.

You can show the number of event attendees, social media reach, survey results, event feedback, sales leads, and more.

Also, remember to keep your sponsors updated with your events. If your sponsors see that partnering with you had satisfactory results, they might want to sponsor more of your business’ future virtual events.

From In-Person to Virtual Event Sponsorships

The time we are in is now different. More businesses are moving from in-person to virtual events. The way events are conducted have to change whether we like it or not.

With virtual events, you can be resourceful and creative in a new, fresh way. You can interact with your audience easier, widen your reach, and gather more useful data.

Follow these items on the list and you will definitely be able to make your sponsors and your audience pleased with your virtual event. 

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