6 Tips on How to Create a Great Virtual Summit Website

Having a website for your event or summit shows people that you are serious about your business and reaching out to your target audience. It makes you and your event more trustworthy.

It takes people only 1-2 seconds to decide whether or not they’ll stay on your website or not. Your event website must show essential and valuable information to your event’s potential attendees.

How will you make them stay on your website and register? Here are some ways that you can create a great website for your visitors.

How to Create a Great Virtual Summit Website

1. Include Essential Information

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Make sure your website will provide your potential attendees with information that they need and will be interested in such as your:

  • Event logo
  • Event name
  • Event details, schedule, topics to be discussed, and description
  • Date and time of your event
  • Platform to be used
  • Ticket and registration price
  • Names of speakers, their job titles, and their accomplishments
  • Sponsors
  • Social media links or buttons
  • Call to action

2. Add Engaging Images and Videos

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Information about your event is important, but so are images and videos. After attendees register for your event on your website, they will most likely check Google Images and YouTube.

Make sure to show photos and videos of your event on a page on your website. Add photos and descriptions of your speakers as well as links to their websites and social media accounts. This will make you and your event more credible ánd interesting to join.

3. Display Your Testimonials

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Attendees may want to see more social proof about your event other than just images and videos. They want to know how your event brought value to your audience.

Reading the testimonials of those who attended your events before will encourage your potential event attendees and give them more confidence to register on your website and attend the event.

Here are some event statistics from Wyzowl that prove the effectiveness of testimonials:

  • 90% of buyers who read positive customer success content claimed that it influenced their purchasing decisions
  • 63% of consumers indicate that they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews

4. Provide An Easy Payment Experience

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Once a participant has decided to sign up for your event, do not frustrate them nor give them second thoughts on attending your virtual event.

Research shows that adding a new step in your registration process will lessen the purchase of tickets or payment.

If you have a ticketing partner, work with them to make your attendees’ checkout experience frictionless and easy.

5. Increase the Speed of Your Website

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People get impatient if a website loads too slow. This will lead them to back out from registering and attending your event. 

If you don’t want this to happen to you, make sure that your website is responsive and optimised for all kinds of devices.

You can use tools and websites to help you check the speed of your website and give you recommendations. Doing this will make the registration process easier and will increase the number of your attendees.

6. Use Facebook Advertising

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Using Facebook Advertising for your event can help you and your team drive awareness, increase attendance, bring leads and revenue, and help you achieve your other business goals.

To advertise on Facebook, you have to make a Facebook event. This is a free and an effective way for potential attendees to become aware of your event and register.

Here are three easy steps on how to create a Facebook event for your page.

How to Create a Facebook Event

  1. Click Events on the left side of the Facebook home page. Once you are on the Event page, you can see a list of your past and upcoming events that can be used for sharing, editing, boosting. It’s also where you can create a new event.
  2. To create a new event, click the “+ Create Event” button. Fill in all the information required such as the event name, date, time, location, description, category, frequency.You can include the registration link and other additional information such as the co-hosts, tickets, and event schedules. You can also invite your Facebook friends to the event and share the event on your personal/business page.
  3. Once the event is published, it will automatically appear on your Business Page as an event and a post. When your event is set up, go to Facebook Ads Manager to boost your event.

After creating a Facebook event, it’s time for you to boost your event. This can help increase awareness, encourage RSVP, and drive sales.

Boosting an event turns it into an ad that can appear in the News Feed of Facebook users, adds a Sponsored label at the top of an ad, and lets you include a “Get Ticket”or Ïnterested” button.

Here are the steps you have to follow in order to boost a Facebook event.

Facebook for Business website

How to Boost a Facebook Event

  1. Choose one of the two options. You can go to an event you created and select Boost Event or select the Promote button and Select Boost Event as the type of promotion.
  2. Choose an objective. After creating an event, select your campaign objective. You can either choose to increase ticket sales or reach more people.
  3. Choose your ad creative. Next, choose your Ad Creative. You can choose from the options single image, video, or slideshow then add text to your ad.
  4. Create your audience. Now, it’s time for you to choose your criteria for targeting. You have many ways to build your audience whether through interests and location or through their connection to your Facebook page. Facebook suggests to focus on geographics targeting to reach people near the location of your event.
  5. Set your budget and duration. Once you have selected your target, you can move on and set your budget and duration. Budget is the maximum amount you want to spend on your ad. The Duration of your budget is long you want your event boost to run.
  6. Enter your payment method and submit the ad. Add your payment details. You can change or update your payment details as needed. Next, preview what your ad will look like in the desktop and mobile view of the Facebook News Feed. When all is good to go, you can select Boost. Your ad is submitted for review. Facebook will notify you within 24 hours if your ad is approved.

Other Strategies to Promote Your Event

There are several other strategies you can use to promote your events and attract more attendees such as:

Branded Content Feature

If you are working with another brand for your event and they tag you in a post, you can use this feature. If they post about you and tag you in their post, you can run that post as an ad. This will help boost your credibility, increase awareness, as well as event attendance.

Select a Different Campaign Objective

Choose a different campaign objective for your Facebook ad. If you previously selected to increase ticket sales, this time you can choose to reach more people.

Promote a New Event with Facebook Ads

To test which content about your event your audience will like more, you can post photos about your event, speakers, topics to be discussed. You can feature the pricing, benefits of attending the event, and more.

Advertise a Recurring Event

If you have recurring events such as a webinar, meetup, or conference, you can attract attendees by using creative images and videos. You can also include highlights of your event or quotes from the speakers. This will make people trust you more, register, and attend your event.

Summing It All Up

Good event website design is just one of the many preparations you can do in having a great presence online. It may seem like a complicated process. It’s an effective way to spread awareness of your brand and your event. It will attract your potential attendees to register on your website.

If you learned a lot from this website, don’t forget to share this with a colleague to help them out in their future virtual events.

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